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Benefits of Kelpak on Almonds

Field trials conducted in California clearly show the many benefits of applying Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Concentrate to almonds, including:

  • Improved health of nursery trees
  • Increased nut weight and quality
  • Increased marketable yield
  • Certified for use in organic crop production
kelpak on almonds

Trials in California show increased yields

x2 trials in california during the 2020 season showed a good return for the grower

Recommended application rates

Bearing trees : 2 - 3 foliar sprays of 2 - 3 pts/Ac, between pink bud and sepal fall (shuck split).

Post harvest spray at 2 pts/Ac with nitrogen application and repeated 14 days later for recovery of heavy bearing trees.

Tree establishment : Dip bare roots of nursery trees in 1 gal Kelpak in 100 gal water solution directly before plant-out. For better tree development apply foliar sprays of 2 pts/Ac with 3 to 4-week intervals during early growth.

Almonds control:

Almonds control

Almonds with Kelpak applied:

Almonds Kelpak