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Liquid Fertilizers

A range of benefits for the end-user


Farmers understand that relying on conventional farming practices is no longer adequate when it comes to achieving an optimum return on crop yields. Four decades of scientific trials, conducted in over 70 countries, indicate that Kelpak Liquid Fertilizers consistently improve marketable yields in a wide variety of crops. Kelpak Liquid Fertilizers are manufactured from freshly harvested giant Ecklonia maxima kelp using the proprietary Cold Cellular-Burst process to extract a natural liquid seaweed concentrate while preserving the delicate sap contained within the cells of the seaweed.


Scientifically proven

Our Liquid Fertilizer products are manufactured using tried and tested methods, to ensure consistent results when applied to crops. As they are entirely natural and water soluble, Kelpak products can be safely used in conjunction with crop protection and fertilizer programs. To check if these products are available in your region please contact us


  • Root Growth

    Trials have shown that Kelpak application leads to an increase in overall root mass and surface area. The obvious benefits of this are increased water use efficiency and nutrient uptake, a more resilient plant in drought conditions and a well-anchored plant in wind or storm conditions. As the roots develop they also interact with the microbes found in surrounding soil that enable the free movement of minerals and nutrients into the root system. This has been scientifically proven in more than 600 field trials over the past 40 years.

  • Nutrient and Water Uptake

    Through improved root development and vascular tissue growth, water, nutrients, sugar molecules, amino acids and hormones can be transported through the plant more efficiently, ensuring the crop remains hydrated and nourished, ultimately ensuring an improved crop yield.

    This also ensures that the crop benefits fully from your usual spray program, as more of the applied material is taken up by the roots and absorbed by the plant.

  • Resistance to Abiotic Stress

    A plant with a healthy root system, stronger stems and foliar growth will be more tolerant to abiotic stresses. Kelpak helps the plant remain strong and healthy when stresses occur.

    Kelpak application directly after a crop has experienced stress such as drought, frost, hail or flooding, also benefits the plant's recovery.

    After transplant and harvest, most crops will experience shock. Kelpak application before or after these events will help the plant recover.

  • Suitable for use in organic farming

    As the demand for organically and sustainably produced crops increases and damage to the environment caused by the excessive application of harmful chemicals, it becomes advantageous to the grower to have an effective and totally natural product to improve outputs. Kelpak has full organic accreditation as an input in organic crop production, in the USA under USDA NOP.

  • Measurable Marketable Yield Increases

    Field trials indicating yield increases carried out over the past four decades are backed up by ongoing research. The results consistently indicate that Kelpak is an effective and essential tool for the farmer, helping achieve sustainable marketable yield advantages.

  • Excellent Returns on Investment

    Trials consistently show that the return on investment when using Kelpak is significant, with the extra value added to the crop far outweighing the input cost.

    While the farmer has to consider every additional expense incurred in order to remain profitable, the added security provided when using Kelpak not only means that his crop will survive, but it will flourish, providing that much needed profit.