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Crop information

Benefits of Kelpak on Plums

Kelpak trials on plums show improved fruit sizing, quality, yield and return on investment:

  • Improves health of nursery trees
  • Iincreased number of fruit in bearing trees
  • Increases fruit size
  • Increases yields

Recommended application rates

Bearing trees Three Foliar sprays of 3 pts/Ac at pink bud to 50% bloom; petal fall and sepal fall. Optional sizing sprays after pit hardening and 14 days later

Post harvest Spray at 0.2% with nitrogen application and repeated 14 days later for recovery of heavy bearing

Tree establishment Dip bare roots of nursery trees in 1% Kelpak solution directly before plant-out. For better tree development apply foliar sprays of 0.25% Kelpak to water with foliar sprays during early growth